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Effects of Bad Bite on your Dental Health

A bad bite is the misalignment of upper and lower sets of teeth when the jaws clench together. The technical term for it is ‘Malocclusion’. It has very relevant effects on the dental health of the person. Jaws and teeth in the mouth work intricately with muscles adjoined to it. So a person with a bad bite will have trouble and show symptoms related to these.

The immediate and clearly visible effect of the bad bite will be cosmetic. Teeth not aligning properly will affect the aesthetic feel of the person’s smile and the facial structure itself. Other issues would be lips tending to hide teeth resulting in a collapsed smile, crowding of teeth and any other problems affecting the cosmetic appeal of the person’s mouth.

Another very palpable effect is the pain. When the condition starts causing pain, that’s when the person starts to pay attention. Pain is mostly due to joint and nerve problems. It not only affects the person physically but also mentally. Pain affects our day-to-day actions which if not properly taken care can be permanently damaging to our dental hygiene.

Muscles in the jaws going through muscle spasms also effect dental health. This causes mild headaches, earaches etc. Bad bite also affects bone support which in turn causes a lot of concern for the person’s dental health. Bone support deteriorates significantly if not treated and may have adverse effects on dental health.

Tooth sensitivity takes a fatal hit because of the bad bite, which in turn camouflages our dental health issues. This also results in our inability to chew our food properly, and moreover, we don’t even realize it. Loss of tooth sensitivity also causes loss of sensitivity in the corners of the mouth.

Other effects of the bad bite are worn out looking teeth, toothaches all of which may lead to teeth loss ultimately. Difficulty in cleaning and keeping our oral hygiene because of the bad bite will affect our dental health adversely. Once our dental health is affected, it hits our social life the most. People with bad dental health tend to be a recluse and face issues in his/her relationships.

In conclusion, bad bite does affect our dental health adversely and being aware if it adopting ways to fix bad bite would surely go a long way in realizing our dental hygiene and in turn our overall physical health. So keep that smile going and take great care of your Dental Health!

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