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What is Dental Tourism and Why Do We Need It?

A budding concept for comprehensive dental procedures and planned vacations, Dental Tourism is the subset of the Medical Tourism Sector, which is one of the major contributors to our economy. Due to the ever increasing dental costs and exclusion from medical insurance, dental tourism is getting increasingly popular among the individuals in developed nations.

More and more of such patients are swarming India to leverage the benefits of our highly advanced medical infrastructure, proficient dentists and state-of-the-art technology, all of which is at par with UK, U.S.A, and the European Union.

Why should one opt for dental tourism?

– If you’re putting off travel for the lack of time, dental tourism is a great option. Opt for a dental holiday and throw in a couple of days. Not only do you get a comprehensive dental treatment but also a nice, overdue vacation.

– Suffer from a lack of professional dentists in your country? Fret not. Get one of the best dentists in India with advanced qualifications and certifications from the top-most dental institutes.

– Limited or no insurance coverage? Nothing to fuss about. A dental vacation to India would cost you significantly less than an exhaustive dental treatment in your home country. For the folks in United States, opting for dental tourism to India would let you save 70% of your dental expenses.

– For a complete oral rehabilitation or simply a second opinion, India is the best place right now for almost all kinds of dental treatments. Some of the most sought-after treatments are dental implants, root canals, dentures, bridges and cosmetic improvements.

People from all over the world travel all the way to Dr. Bhutani Dental Clinic in Delhi, India often finding a lot more than they previously expected. Over the multiple years of providing comprehensive dental services, we’ve received a lot of apprehensive patients with mixed expectations, who were satisfied to the core witnessing our state-of-the-art dental technology and expertise.

Dental Tourism in India

At Dr. Bhutani Dental Clinic, we offer the following services to our international clients:

– Single-sitting, painless Root Canal
– Invisible Braces
– Pain-free Tooth Extraction
– Complete Dentures
Teeth Whitening
– Teeth Bleaching
– Dental Implants
– Laser Dentistry
– Laser Gum Surgery
– Neuromuscular Dentistry
– Cleft Lip
– Cleft Palate
– Drill-less Fillings
– Dental Crowns and Bridges
– Tooth Bonding
– Wisdom Teeth Extraction

With the best possible technology, Dr. Bhutani Dental Clinic has been providing impeccable dental services to local and international clients at competitive prices. We understand the diverse and unique needs of patients put in every effort to cater to those needs. Do not hesitate to confide in us.

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