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Misconceptions Regarding Botox Injections

Botox is an old and widely known anti-wrinkle treatment which has been receiving heavy backlash since the past few years. Reason being several misconceptions regarding the remedy have been circulating in the air. Although patients still come in numbers for fixing their aging problem they often show their rising concern about the cure. The most common myths regarding Botox treatment are: –

➢ Botox is malignant and utterly harmful for your health
➢ The treatment is very painful to undergo
➢ The result of the treatment is not good
➢ Botox is permanent
➢ The cure is limited to women
➢ Botox is addictive
➢ The cost of a procedure is unaffordable

Keeping aside the popularity and the proven track record of the process, these myths exist amongst people which have been affecting the goodwill of the nostrum. Botox is a very safe method of removal of wrinkles and aging spots from face.

Despite the thousands of cosmetic products available in the market at present, it’s still comparatively effective than the other products. It must be noted that no long-term side effects have been reported in the last two decades. The misunderstanding among the public is that they relate ‘Botulinum Toxin, of which Botox is made of, with food poisoning. Botox actually constitutes of ‘Botulinum Protein’, which is the purified version of the toxin which helps remove wrinkles.

It’s true that initially, only women used to opt for Botox treatment but with a change in scenario, the proportion of both the genders undergoing the procedure for a healthy, and fresh-looking face has almost reached the point of equilibrium. All the statements made by people that Botox is a very expensive treatment are untrue. Botox’s cost is substantially easy on the pocket if compared with its counterparts. It’s simply fallacious to say that the cure is addictive because it depends on person-to-person as to how good their body is at adapting serums. For the majority though, a Botox injection is enough to get the required results.

Furthermore, people relate facial fillers with dermal fillers which are used to buff up the deeper folds rather than particularly removing aging marks. Also, the procedure isn’t painful to endure. It depends on the patient’s choice of the doctor. So, make sure to choose the right clinic for having a quality Botox makeover.

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