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Introduction To Neuromuscular Dentistry

You are well versed with dentistry. Either it is Prosthodontist, orthodontist, Endodontist, or maxillofacial Prosthodontist; we have provided you with all the relevant information about the various dental practices. However, today we are going to brief you about the lesser known and recognized dental practice in the world that is proffered by us.

Neuromuscular dentistry is that dental practice which we are talking about. As the name goes, the practice is related to curing ailments that occur because of an inappropriate response of mind. The area of dentistry is considered more of a philosophy that is intended to correct malalignment of the jaw to produce a normal bite.

The process incorporates the use of numerous computerized instruments to analyze and record the jaw movements and the muscle activity so as to ascertain the extent of the problem and to further come up with a physiologic rest position for the jaw. The computer instruments used to measure the jaw movements comprises of Sonography, Electromyography, Kinesiography, etc.

As soon as the rest position of the jaw is ascertained, the individual suffering from the problem undergoes an extensive procedure for dental restoration in order to maintain the determined position. The entire procedure of neuromuscular dentistry lasts for four to six months or maybe up to a year counting it depends on the extent of the problem the patient is suffering from. Likewise, the cost of the process varies from person to person as well.

The certain thing is that the treatment rendered by us at Dr Bhutani Dental Clinic is of top-notch quality and the price charged by us for the same is very apt depending upon the length of the treatment.

We encompass advanced equipment and the latest technique of performing operations. So, for all sorts of issues related to dental health, we are the place to visit because we are the best dental clinic in Delhi.

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