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Important tips on Dental health and hygiene

Every one of us wants to have a great smile that melts the heart of person standing in front of you. To keep a beautiful smile it is equally important to have good oral hygiene. If your oral cavity is not good there are chances of occurrence of different problems. Dr. Bhutani Dental Clinic is one of the leading clinics that provide you solutions when it comes to dental problems. Here are some tips are given by the experts to maintain the dental hygiene.

  1. Do proper brushing

The dental health and hygiene are equally important as your face need the care. While brushing the positioning of bristles should be maintained properly. According to the expert, you must keep an angle of 45 degrees near the gum line. It should be like that both gum and tooth surface remains in contact with bristles. Do the back-and-forth, up-and-down motion while doing brushing. Along with this, clean the tongue and upper roof surface of mouth to remove bacteria.

  1. Do regular flossing

Flossing is very necessary as it is helpful in removing the food particles that stuck in between teeth. It allows you to reach deep inside your teeth where a toothbrush can’t reach.

  1. Remain away from tobacco

This is the best thing that can you do for yourself. Avoiding tobacco means you are avoiding oral cancer and all kinds of periodontal complications. Not only this, it is also helpful in eliminating the ill effects caused by the agents to mask the smell.

  1. Cut down the sodas and alcohol

By avoiding the sodas, you can avoid the gum disease. The beverages comprise of an extended level of phosphorus that decreases down the level of calcium. Basically, the soda has corn syrup that can discolour your pearly white teeth.

  1. Use mouthwash

Mind that all kinds of mouthwashes are not effective. For healthy teeth, Listerine and Chlorine dioxide is best among rest.

  1. Regularly visit your dentist

Apart from all, a frequent visit to the dentist is also necessary. Visit them at least two times to maintain the hygiene.

Dr Bhutani Dental Clinic is trusted clinic having a team that is efficient in their working and are very well versed with the latest technologies used for the process.


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