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Go Back In Time With Botox By Dr. Pratima Bhutani

Dr. Pratima Bhutani, MDS Endodontist, and Esthetic Dental Specialist, one of the leading dentists in Delhi, has provided effective & painless dental treatments to innumerable Indian & foreigner patients. Not only is she synonymous with the painless root canal in Delhi, but also for her botox treatment in Delhi.

This non-invasive (It’s a short procedure, not involving any incisions/ cuts.) facelift helps you get rid of wrinkles and crow’s feet, almost as if you are back in time. (Crow’s feet are wrinkles and fine lines at the outer corner of one’s eye. They usually develop after mid-thirties.) It gives great results for forehead lines, frown lines, lip lines and for the chin. Remember, it doesn’t work for wrinkling by sun damage.

Talking about the procedure, it takes just a few minutes. A topical anesthetic may be applied if the patient wants. That said, botox treatment by Dr. Pratima Bhutani is painless. At Dental Clinic In Delhi, we use small-bore needles (Needles with small diameters.) and low insertion force for pain-free treatments. Add to it the fact that Dr. Pratima Bhutani & her team are very experienced and great at making patients feel relaxed.

It takes three to seven days for botox to take full effect, and it lasts for four to six months. However, with your muscles being trained to relax, wrinkles are now less prominent. Hence, if you are thinking of getting this cosmetic procedure, perhaps you shouldn’t think after all. Send us an enquiry (Click ‘HOME’, then the blue ‘Enquire Now’ banner on the right.) and we will contact you as soon as possible, to help you with any doubts!

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