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Get the Best Smile with India’s Best Asthetic Dental Specialist – II

There are many Cosmetic Dentistry procedures. The most important ones are:

Teeth Whitening

With time and age, our teeth gain stains. The dentist in Delhi could bleach your teeth with chemical procedures or give you a system to use at home. This totally helps in whitening. This should not be confused with teeth cleaning.

Dental Implants

The missing/broken teeth are filled with Titanium or metal posts upon which artificial teeth is later fixed. This is very popular.


Faults like gaps between teeth, cracks etc, could be easily corrected with porcelain veneers to produce a straight, healthy and natural-looking smile.

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Also called caps, they cover the teeth to give it time to restore to its normal shape. Teeth with heavy damage could be covered with porcelain crowns & bridges that replace tooth structure.  It could be used without extraction and causes less pain and discomfort.


Bonding is a tooth-coloured material used to fill gaps and change teeth’s colour. It is known to last for quite a few years.


Dentists use lasers or drills to improve the shape, length or position of the teeth. Those who want delicate changes and could opt for this procedure.

Clear Aligners

Many are opting this to straighten their teeth. It is gaining popularity because it doesn’t hamper your looks very much unlike metal braces.


One of the most common methods used to align teeth (straighten). There are certain instruments placed in the teeth which may make you look different but for the greater good.

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