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Explained For The Layman: Dental Caps

Almost everyone (particularly patients who are advised a root canal procedure by their dentists) hears about dental crowns sometime or the other in their lives, and wonders what they are. In layman’s terms, a dental crown is an artificial tooth-shaped cap; usually made of ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or metal, that is fixed over a tooth. (Unlike devices such as dentures, crowns cannot be removed and are cemented into place.) This strengthens the damaged tooth and improves its appearance. It is the same as a dental cap. Once the dentist places the cap on top of the damaged tooth, it would cover it entirely.

As mentioned earlier, caps are made of different materials. At our Dental Clinic in Delhi in Rajouri Garden and Pitampura, Delhi, we use zirconia, i.e., a type of ceramic crown. It is completely metal free. A simple Google image search would show you how natural it looks. It is a fact that zirconia caps give a better colour match to one’s natural teeth than any other variety. Nobody can figure that they are looking at a crown! This feature is contradictory to metal caps that look very unattractive. Not just the appearance, they are very strong too, lasting so much longer than other types of caps. So much so that we give a 15-year warranty on them!
And now you know what dental crowns are, and why is Dr. Bhutani’s Super Speciality Dental Clinic the safest place to get them!

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