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Difference Between Veneers vs. Lumineers

Currently, in the field of aesthetics, composite veneers are in great demand by the population as it helps them to restore a smile that may be presenting errors of color or dental anatomy.

The treatment with porcelain veneers is based on the placement of thin sheets made of porcelain with a thickness of approximately 0.5 mm that is placed on the tooth using the adhesion technique; they will be set permanently.

The purpose of the placement of the porcelain veneer teeth is the total change in the smile of the patient that is ideal and perfect in color and shape.

This type of veneers allows best dentist in Delhi to perform a highly conservative treatment. Since, the dental carving (wear) performed on the teeth during veneer treatment is minimal as compared to the carving necessary for the placement of a crown or sheath in which the required dental preparation, approaches 1.5 mm per tooth in terms of volume.

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For the treatment of veneers, dental specialists work together in the specialized laboratory for the preparation of veneers. At present, the treatment of dental veneers allows the restoration of a mouth with the presence of wear and the prognosis of this type of aesthetic treatment is outstanding in the long term.

Lately, fashion goes through the use of dental Lumineers that are carried out with lithium disilicate; these are ultrafine veneers. It is said that teeth Lumineers can be compared with the thickness of a contact lens.

When dentists perform treatment with veneers, it is always necessary to perform a test called “mock-up” in which the patient can see the result and comment on the modifications if they were accurate.

The main difference between the veneers treatment and dental Lumineers is that the latter do not need a session of pre-carving before the placement step. The use of anesthesia is not recommended to perform these procedures, and that’s why they are completely painless. Dental veneers are endorsed by different clinical studies in which its durability is verified.

Below are some valid benefits of Dental aesthetic treatments:

• Natural, they do not let themselves be noticed.

• The optical qualities are unbeatable in front of the light source.

• They can reflect light with which they achieve complete resemblance to a natural tooth.

• The transition between the soft tissue (gingiva and mucosa) and the structure of the veneer in question will not be perceptible; this will provide a perfect result.

• It is a simple and effective technique that offers a beautiful smile at affordable prices. For the placement of veneers (Lumineers veneers), you can visit Dr. Bhutani Dental Clinic Dental Clinic in Delhi, their specialist in aesthetic dentistry is officially accredited to be able to perform this type of treatment. In addition to presenting innumerable cases, patients that go to sporadic revisions and determine the use of veneers as the best choice improving their life not only to the dental level but also to the quality of life, positively modifying their self-esteem.

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