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Difference between Dental Implants vs. Full Denture

Presently, it is a common thing that at the age of 35 – 54 years, people have at least one missing tooth for an accident, gum disease, tooth decay or dental fractures. Denture and Dental Implants are two main available options for the treatment of missing tooth. The denture is mostly the substitution element for missing teeth, which can be taken out or put back according to the person’s wish. Whereas, Dental implants are the process of replacement of tooth roots, which are more permanent and used as a substitution for original tooth roots.

Recently, people who come to the dentist in Delhi to take their opinion for choosing the option among Partial Denture, Full Denture and tooth implants, selects the tooth implants on the basis of the differences between Dental Implants and Full Denture.

Here, some differences are given below.

  • Dental implants act as a surrogate to the original tooth roots and bringing the damage condition under control, act naturally. Dentures are positioned above the gum without fixing into the roots. As a result of this, they are not capable to offer the defense against the corrosion of jaw bone.
  • A tooth implant is fixed by the oral surgeon into the positioned root. So, there is no need to take out the implant from the mouth, mainly for washing or cleaning. Moreover, it provides protection to the surrounding teeth for being damaged. A denture has to be taken out from the mouth for maintenance and cleaning. In and out movement of denture creates wearing out of the adjacent natural teeth.
  • Dental implants are made up of titanium, which gives more strength than the porcelain, which is used for making the denture. Due to the durability and resilient features, dental implants are not frequently changed unlike denture.
  • The appearance, feeling and functions of dental implants are more natural and easier than the dentures.
  • Dental implants allow the persons to eat whenever they feel like, without the displacement of the implant tooth by slipping from the post. This also keeps safe the user from the unwanted social embarrassing situation. On the other hand, dentures are often complained to side away at the time of speaking or eating, because they are not integrated. There are some restrictions on taking food for a denture. Some foods which create pressure on the teeth and lead to discolour the teeth are not suitable for dentures.

At present, people are more conscious about their oral hygiene and smile and they come to the Dental Clinic in Delhi to get an ideal solution by using the Cosmetic Dentistry.  For the above differences between the dental implant vs. full denture, they prefer dental implants.

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