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Dental Specialist in Delhi: Myths on Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

If you have a severe toothache to chew food or you feel acute pain at the time of taking liquids as hot or cold or getting dark colour of tooth after an accident is caused or infection in jaw bone for a long days or infection caused due to severe damage of crown part of the teeth, single sitting root canal treatment is the best option for preserving your natural tooth. Dr. Bhutani Dental Clinic is the best dental clinic in Delhi, where experienced and qualified faculties are available as professors and specialists. We offer different types of dental treatment which involves new advancement in dentistry.

Myths on Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

There are many myths about the single sitting root canal treatment. Some of these are given below.

    • Root canal treatment is painful, but with the modern dentistry has been developed introducing the advanced technology of the dentistry and now the procedure of root canal treatment is painless which can be made by the single sitting process of the root canal.
    • Treatment of root canal is not a good procedure and it can cause harmful effect to your gum and you have to suffer many dental problems after making this procedure. So, removal of the tooth which causes the problem to you is better than following the treatment of root canal. But, by following the single sitting process of root canal you are able to conserve your badly broken tooth or damaged tooth after analyzing with an X-ray instead of removing that tooth.
    • Root canal treatments by one time sitting in a long procedure and you have to consume much time to make this process. Today, our life is very busy and we cannot spend much time on this treatment. But, the single sitting process of the root canal can be done within a very short time.
    • Sometimes, when children are recommended for the treatment of single sitting process of the root canal for a dental problem, you think that it will be wastage of money because children have milk teeth and they will fall off naturally. But, Child dental specialist will help to save milk teeth by single sitting root canal procedure and this will provide guidance for erupting the child’s permanent teeth and will for chewing properly.
  • There is no need for a crown after making the procedure of root canal.A big cavity is a very common reason for making this treatment where almost tooth has been eaten away and tooth becomes very weak for chewing. Then tooth cap is needed for the protection of weak tooth.

Dr. Bhutani Dental Clinic has several experts who are a famous dentist in Delhi and also renowned for providing the best treatment for making root canal by the single sitting.