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Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes Most People Make

Brush twice a day, and you’re done. Unlike what most people believe, this is not how you take care of your oral health. Wait, what? You’re saying that you floss too? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but that’s simply an added bonus.

In this career spanning more than 15 years, I’ve come across numerous patients with cavities and gum diseases, all of them claiming to brush and floss regularly.

When it comes to oral care at home, most of the people around commit certain oral hygiene mistakes, and more often than not, end up getting oral diseases. Mentioned below are some of the most occurring mistakes:

1. Occasionally forgetting to brush: Let alone brushing twice a day, some people even fail to brush on a regular basis. So, what happens in such cases? It leads to tooth decays and diseases. In just a single day, enough bacteria can build up within the mouth with the potential to infect the gums.

2. Brushing too hard: Brushing with a lot of force is not how you get rid of the plaque. This can do you more harm than good. It’s easy to identify if you’re brushing too hard; look for the vertical lines on your enamel.

3. Not using a mouthwash: Liquid mouthwashes can easily get into the crannies where your bristles and floss cannot. Mouthwashes are also an effective way to disinfect the mouth.

4. Or its overuse: Excessive use of mouthwash dries up the mucus membranes. As a result, the mouth’s ability to produce saliva decreases. Saliva helps you fight against harmful bacteria and lubricates the teeth as well. So refrain yourself from using it excessively.

5. Believing flossing is optional: Ignoring flossing is the sure shot secret to glorious caries and gum diseases. Do not floss the teeth you wish to lose.

6. Ignoring the existence of tongue: Tongue definitely has a better resistance against bacteria but isn’t an insurance against oral diseases by any means. It clearly needs to be cleaned time and again. It also contributes greatly to halitosis, i.e. bad breath.

7. Not rinsing after snacks and meals: Food particles get stuck between the teeth every time we have a meal. Stuck food particles are a nutritious source food for bacteria. Rinsing deprives the bacteria from their food, and triggers saliva production.

8. Brushing vertically: Brushing vertically, as widely believed, is not the correct way to brush your teeth. In the process, you press against the biofilm and that pushes the bacteria into the alveolar pockets beneath the gums. This is just what the bacteria need, a place to thrive. Use gentle, circular strokes for optimum brushing.

Everything said and done, one should simply not ignore timely dental checkups. Keep aside your dental anxiety for once, and visit a nearby dentist if you haven’t been to one in the recent months.

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