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Can RCT (Root Canal Treatment) Be Done in One Sitting?

Your tooth has become cracked, damaged and decayed and you are suffering from pain and problem to eat or drink. But, you don’t have enough time to visit the dentist for the treatment of your tooth due to your busy lifestyle. You also confused with Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment to get relief from your problem. Right?

Don’t be confused. Just come to Dr. Bhutani’s Dental Clinic where you will get the best Dentist in Delhi and get relief from your dental problem by making the proper treatment. We at Dr. Bhutani’s Dental Clinic are famous for the treatment of Painless Root Canal in Delhi.

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Painless Root Canal in India is very famous and it is essential when the pulp, the central region of the tooth which contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues, gets infections or inflammation.

We at Dr. Bhutani’s Dental Clinic have experienced Root Canal Specialist in Delhi who performs the root canal procedure to preserve the infected or damaged tooth without extracting it. When the cavities occur due to the accumulation of plaque, the tooth gets damage or infection. There are also other reasons like certain trauma or accident, gum disease and making treatment repeatedly on the specific tooth. All of these issues cause pulp infections, inflammation and damage your tooth irreversibly and initiate a severe pain in your tooth.

Painless Root Canal Procedure

Dental Clinic in Delhi provides the total root canal procedure by following 2 to 3 sessions or Single Sitting RCT Procedure according to the condition of your tooth. Time is taken for each sitting maybe 30 to 90 minutes. These simple steps are followed to make the painless root canal procedure.

  • Firstly, local anesthesia is done to the affected tooth.
  • After that, the tooth and its surrounding areas are turned to numb, the experienced dentist makes openings at the crown region or the surface area of the tooth by drilling to access the affected pulp. In case of a front tooth, an opening is made from the back side of the tooth.
  • By the application of a special type of files, the dentist cleans out the diseased, infected and dead pulp through the canals.
  • Then the dentist shapes the canals with the help of fine instruments to fill up the root canals using root canal fillings named as gutta-percha and makes a seal. During this process, the irrigation method is applied for washing and cleaning the canals and the removal of the debris to insert the fillings.
  • A cover material is placed above the gutta-percha till the crown looked normal and the crown is cemented.

Finally, get ready and contact us for getting the best Root Canal Treatment in Delhi.

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