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5 Surprising facts that you should know about Dental Clinic & Hygiene

Healthy and maintained teeth are a prelude to good health. After all, they are the first step to our digestive tract. Teeth break down the food to very small bites which make it easy to swallow. In this process of chewing, eating and drinking, edible food and liquid compounds tend to stick to our teeth for a long duration of time periods. This leads to unwelcomed bacteria attacks, cavities, toothache, tooth discolouration and damage, amongst others. It is mostly this stage that we end up on a dentist’s work-chair. These issues and ailments can be well avoided By maintaining proper oral hygiene for ourselves personally, as well as for our family. We can also save time and money spent in the curing of these diseases.

Dr. Bhutani’s dental clinic houses the best dentists in Delhi. It is a far cry from the normally available money-centric dental setups. We care for the welfare of our patients and do not indulge in any invasive treatment, unless and until absolutely necessary for the welfare of the patient. Apart from the surgeons, we inculcate a team of very experienced dental hygienists that advise best practices and routines, to ensure the patient’s are themselves able to take care of their teeth and gums easily. As per our dental hygienists some of the regular practices that to maintain admirable oral healthcare are:

    1. Brushing and Floss regularly: We all know it, but seldom follow it. Every individual should brush, at least twice a day. Night brush is the most important as the food debris tend to remain in our mouths overnight leading to severe bacteria attacks. Regular floss is equally important for dental care.  Brushing is not able to remove food debris from space between the teeth. Floss does that affectively.  Thus, one cannot replace the other.


    1. Eating the right foods: Special foods, nutrients and a well-balanced diet are required for maintaining dental health. For Example: Vitamin C intake helps to avoid scurvy; Calcium and Phosphates are also required for healthy teeth. Fried foods, in-between snacks, sticky foods, tobacco, chewing gums and smoking should also be avoided at all times.


    1. Drinking lots of Water: Water helps to neutralize acids in other foods and drinks. It also contains fluorides that help to save teeth from discolouration and further damage.


    1. Avoid colas and caffeine: Colas and other aerated drinks are rich In sugars and phosphates, which when taken in larger quantities, tend to damage teeth. Caffeine in coffee and other drinks is also harmful for the overall oral hygiene.


  1. Visit your dentist or oral hygienist regularly: A regular mouth checkup, once in 6 months ensures that your remains healthy. In case of the beginning of a dental issue itself, the teeth can be treated with swift and easy procedures. Long dental issues and treatments can thus, be avoided. Dr. Bhutani’s is the best dental clinic in Delhi.

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