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5 Most Common Dental Problems/ Diseases – II

This is the continuation of 5 Most Common Dental Problems/ Diseases, from the blog of the best dental implant clinic in Delhi.

Tooth Infection/ Abscessed Tooth/ Root Infection:

As the name of the condition suggests, root infection is the infection of the root, i.e. the lower portion of the tooth, embedded in jaw bones and covered by gums. This root gets infected by bacteria, leading to dental pulp getting damaged. In some cases, the root canal (Yeah, that’s where the treatment name, ‘root canal therapy’ comes from.) This may be because of tooth decay/ dental cavities/ dental caries or injury.

The symptoms of tooth abscess include a severe and throbbing toothache. The pain is so intense that sometimes even painkillers don’t offer relief.

Enamel Erosion/ Tooth Erosion:

As we have explained many a time in the past, the enamel is the tough, protective tissue that forms the outer layer of the tooth. Enamel erosion, the loss of this layer, chiefly from the exposure to acid, from soft drinks/ sodas, sports drinks, wine, is a very common problem.

The tooth surfaces become discolored. (Faded/ yellowish) Teeth sensitivity and cracking in the more severe cases are also the symptoms.

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